SEO and website report

An SEO~ and website audit is a great way to get insight into what’s really going on with your website, and how to make improvements that will improve your bottom line. 

A website and SEO report with MAH Digital NZ is not just a bunch of technologically confusing jargon, it’s a thorough analysis of what’s working and not working for you, with some easy to understand recommendations that you can put into place yourself, or even get a hand with if that’s what you prefer.

I can help you by providing an in-depth SEO~ and website audit report which includes:

  • Analysis of the current state of your SEO~ (how you're ranking for words that you and I think you should be ranking for)
  • A list of key words you should use to weave into your website content
  • Recommendations for key words you might like to consider paying for (Google Adwords)
  • A list of other ideas to improve your website SEO
  • Insight into how your website is performing
  • Insight into the website user experience - how usable your website is for customers to use, as well as recommendations to improve the experience
  • Analysis of look and feel of the website, including recommendations for improvements
  • Recommendations for content (images, words) to improve website experience
  • Insights into where your website visitors are based (City/Country)*
  • Insight into how your social media is contributing to website*
  • Insight into the number of website visitors over x period, and compared to a year ago*

With this report you can take actions yourself using the report as a guide for improvement, or you can talk to me about getting help with implementation. It's up to you!


Report: from $1080

Cost of implementation of report recommendations varies (or you can implement yourself).

What you need to know

If you have access to Google Analytics for your website it would provide more depth to your report. If you don't have access, no problems!

Items marked with a * require Google Analytics to be already accurately set up and functioning on your website.

Website Design

Is your store front (website) looking a bit shabby? I can help you schooze up your online presence to attract more customers, look professional, and be on brand with who you are as a business.

I design and create websites in Rocketspark, a New Zealand owned company. I use Rocketspark because it's a great website builder, and gives customers fantastic support. It's really easy to use, so once I've finished designing the site for you, you won't have any problems doing updates yourself in the future (or you can come back to me if you need extra help :)).